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On Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021, Metro will adjust and restore service on routes in Seattle and King County. Service levels will climb to about 90% of prepandemic levels, and more than 11,000 daily trips across hundreds of routes. However, 18 routes remain suspended due to low ridership demand and financial realities.

For routes that are suspended, here are updated tips and alternatives, courtesy of Metro’s transit planners. Riders also can call customer service for trip planning assistance at 206-553-3000 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. In the coming weeks, Metro’s Trip Planner and Puget Sound Trip Planner app will be up to date for planning trips on or after Oct. 2.

Some routes that are currently suspended in North King County will be replaced Oct. 2 with new or revised routes that will begin operating as part of the North Link Connections Mobility Project. More information about those route changes is available on the North Link Get Ready webpage.

We appreciate everyone continuing to wear a mask on public transportation at all times.

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Route 19 (suspended)

  • On West Viewmont Way W, use the Route 24 between Magnolia and downtown Seattle.
  • From West McGraw Street or Condon Way West, use either the Route 24 or 33 between Magnolia and downtown Seattle via 28th Avenue West south of West Blaine Street or West Galer/West Garfield Street.

Route 37 (suspended)

  • Between Alki and downtown Seattle, the West Seattle Water Taxi and shuttle routes 773 and 775 are operating.
  • From Alki Point, use Route 50 and connect with the RapidRide C Line at Alaska Junction or Link light rail or routes 101 or 150 at SODO Station. The West Seattle Water Taxi operates a spring-summer schedule through October 15, with all-day service 7-days a week and late night service until about 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Route 47 (suspended)

  • Walk or roll to/from East John Street/Olive Way and use routes 10 or 43.
  • Walk or roll to/from Broadway and use Route 49.
  • Walk or roll to/from the Capitol Hill Link station (Broadway and John Street) and use Link light rail

Route 116 (suspended

  • From Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal and south of SW Morgan, use the RapidRide C Line.

East King County

Route 200 (suspended)  

  • In the Issaquah Highlands and Issaquah, use Route 269 (weekdays only w/no deviation off NW Sammamish Road) or Route ST 554.
  • Along Newport Way NW, NW Gilman Road, and Front Street North, use Route 271 or Route ST 554.

Route 219 (suspended

  • Use Route 216
  • Use Route 269 (weekdays only) between Redmond and Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride.
  • Use Route ST 554 between Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride and downtown Seattle.

Route 252 (suspended)  

  • At Kingsgate P&R, use Route 257 or walk or roll to NE 128th Street for Route 311
  • North of the P&R, use routes 239 or 930 to reach routes 255, 257, or 311 at NE 128th Street
  • At NE 128th Street, ST Route 535 connects with ST Route 550 at the Bellevue Transit Center

Sound Transit Express Route 541 (suspended)  

  • Use Route ST 542 between Overlake and the University District.
  • Between the University District and Green Lake, use Route 45.

Sound Transit Express Route 544 (suspended)

  • Between Overlake and Seattle, use Route ST 545 to Seattle.
  • Between South Kirkland P&R and Seattle, use Route 255 and transfer to Route ST 545 at Evergreen Point, or to Route 70 at UW Station.

Sound Transit Express Route 555 (suspended

  • Use Route 271 or ST Express Route 556between Issaquah, Bellevue, and University of Washington.
  • Between University District and Northgate use Link 1 Line or Route 67.

Route 931 (suspended

  • Between Woodinville and Bothell, use Route ST 522
  • Between Woodinville and Redmond, use Route 231 and transfer to Route 250at Kirkland TC.
  • There is no service through Cottage Lake, North Redmond, or on Woodinville-Redmond Road.

South King County

Route 118X and 119X (suspended

  • Express bus service to and from Downtown Seattle on Routes 118X and 119X is suspended.  On-island service on Routes 118 and 119 is partially restored.  Vashon riders destined for Downtown Seattle may use Routes 118 or 119 to connect with the Vashon Water Taxi, which will be operating on its Winter schedule or connect with the Washington State Ferry and transfer to the RapidRide C Line.

Route 122 (suspended)  

  • Between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, use Route 121.
  • South of Burien Transit Center, use Route 156 and transfer to/from Route 150 at Southcenter for service to/from downtown Seattle; or use Route 156 to connect with Link light rail at SeaTac Station.
  • No service will operate on Des Moines Memorial Drive north of SR 509/Ambaum Blvd. S.

Route 123 (suspended)  

  • Between Burien Transit Center and downtown Seattle, use Route 121.
  • West of Burien Transit Center, use the Burien Community Shuttle (Route 631) and transfer to/from Route 121 at Burien Transit Center for service to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 143 (suspended)  

  • In Maple Valley, use Route 168 and connect with new Route 160 to/from downtown Renton or Route 150 or new Route 162 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • No peak service will operate on SR 169.

Route 154 (suspended)  

  • To travel to Federal Center, take Sounder to downtown Seattle and use routes 131 to travel south on 4th Avenue South.
  • To travel along East Marginal Way from Tukwila Station, use the RapidRide F Line and Route 124 with a transfer at Tukwila International Boulevard Station.
  • To travel along Interurban Avenue South from Tukwila Station, use the RapidRide F Line and Route 150 with a transfer at Southcenter.

Route 157 (suspended)  

  • In Kent East Hill, use Route 162 for direct service to/from downtown Seattle or use Routes 168, 914 or new Ride Pingo to Transit on-demand service to connect with Sounder or Route 150 for service to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 178 (suspended

  • At South Federal Way Park and Ride, use Route 182 to connect with routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 177 or routes ST 577 or ST 578 to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At South 272nd Street, use Route 190 to/from downtown Seattle.

Route 179 (suspended

  • Between Twin Lakes Park and Ride and Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 181 and connect with Route 177 or routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle.
  • At Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 177 or routes ST 577 or ST 578 for service to/from downtown Seattle

Route 197 (suspended

  • Between Twin Lakes Park and Ride and Federal Way Transit Center, use Route 181 and connect with routes ST 586 for service to/from the University District.